Cluster Analysis

In the summer of 2015, ADHDA’s Business Development Committee began working on the Cluster Analysis project to identify business development opportunities in Astoria’s downtown district. We’re focusing on boosting economic development within downtown Astoria’s historic infrastructure by promot­ing and growing our current businesses and by encour­aging new businesses to open or relocate to the district.

Phase 1 of the project was completed in the winter of 2015. It included reviewing past reports, the downtown business inventory, and demographic information. This information was combined with current information about shopping trends, product demands, development needs, and available space to develop recommendations for future development in the downtown core.

Phase 2 began in March 2016, when ADHDA’s Business Development Committee hosted a community discussion titled “What is YOUR Downtown Astoria? A Market Analysis for Downtown Astoria’s Future.” This phase of the project drew on the knowledge, experience, and ideas of downtown Astoria residents, merchants and stakeholders. Participants joined a guided discussion to help identify potential downtown businesses, business gaps, as well as customer habits.

Phase 3 took place throughout 2016 with ADHDA’s Business Development Committee conducting a Customer Intercept Survey of over 300 people. 

Phase 4 The results of the Customer Intercept Survey fueled analysis performed by Bijan Fayyaz and the ADHDA Business Development Committee. The Downtown Retail Cluster Analysis was presented by the NEDTalk program on October 3, 2017. This Daily Astorian article neatly summarizes the presentation. 

Read the full document here. 

Coming soon... NEDTalks diving into the Marketing Development and Experience Enhancement Strategies.