Give a Gift to Downtown

This year is unlike any other and so we're hosting a giving campaign like never before. We're inviting our community to 'Give a Gift to Downtown'!

We have three projects that ADHDA would like to complete for the Downtown Astoria neighborhood and everyone who lives here and visits.

Supports are invited to choose their favorite project and donate towards it's completion. This is a competition - vote with your dollars!

Walkability Improvements

Funds will help ADHDA install a 'Creative Crosswalk' at 13th and Duane building on the imagery in the 13th Street Alley. 

We also want to improve pedestrian and vehicle interfaces at two location along the Riverwalk by painting native wildlife footprints from trolley tracks to sidewalks, guiding pedestrians out of the vehicle lane.

Funds Needed: $2,500

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Downtown Landscaping

Half a dozen downtown planter sets need to be re-planted with new trees and flowers.

We partner with Brim's Farm & Garden for excellent prices and need assistance to fundraiser to cover the cost of a dozen trees, three dozens smaller plants, as well as soil, fertilizer and mulch.

Funds Needed: $2,500

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Holiday Decorations

Each year Mr & Mrs Christmas, along with dozens of volunteers from the public and private sphere come together decorate downtown in festive spirit!

Each year decorations are damaged by our remarkable climate and must be replaced. Help us keep the holidays warm and bright!

Funds Needed: $2,500

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!


Each project that is fully funded will be completed in 2021!

If no project is fully funded, the project with the most money raised will receive the funds of the other two projects to help it come to fruition.