Jane Barnes Revue

 APRIL FOOLS DAY, 4-1-2017 

Astoria Event Center


The Jane Barnes Revue: 7th year and still going strong.

This topsy-turvy fashion show fundraiser for the downtown association features some of Astoria's finest men and women switching gender roles,  donning big wigs, big mustaches, beautiful dresses and suspenders to stroll down a 24-foot catwalk to their favorite music.  

"I was still laughing on Monday!"

"I cannot believe it, it was so FUN!"

"Somethings you just cannot unsee!"

The Jane Barnes Revue has grown into ADHDA’s second largest fundraiser, after the Pacific Northwest Brew Cup.  The continued success of the event is made possible by the outpouring of support from our local community sponsors and the “Gentlemen Janes”, local men and women who make the event successful with their ingenuity and fresh spirit. 

Originally meant to celebrate Jane Barnes, the first European woman of Astoria, as part Astoria’s bicentennial celebrations in 2011, the Jane Barnes Revue has become a delightful and hilarious evening of “Janes” divulging their opposite side and raising money for a great organization. 


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