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Learn Tips for Business Survival in a Down Economy Presented by Randy Dennis of Dennis Company

Thu, Oct 21, 2010

Randy Dennis, Vice-President of Dennis Company, will address the next general meeting of the Astoria Downtown Historic District Association, Friday, November 5. The meeting is open to the public, and retailers and service providers of all types are encouraged to attend.

Randy Dennis has made many presentations on “the art of adaptation” as it pertains to his retail business, a 105-year-old family-owned and operated store specializing in hardware and featuring more than 20 other departments. With Randy paying close attention to his business and continuously tweaking it as the market changes, Dennis Company has not only survived, but thrived – even when big box retail came to town, the economy went south, and the sun didn’t come out all summer.

As part of his presentation, Dennis will share some of the points that have helped his team overcome these obstacles and become smarter businesspeople in the process, including finding ways to make money with fewer sales; taking customer service to a whole new level; advertising, marketing and promotion; and identifying what to change and how to do it.

As vice-president of Dennis Company, Randy is responsible for many areas of the 5-store operation, including: buying for various departments; marketing and advertising; training and safety programs; security systems and standards; and outside commercial sales. He serves on six non-profit boards, two economic development councils, four chambers of commerce and several other business organizations. His brother Brent is president of Dennis Company, and they represent the company’s fourth generation of family leadership.

ADHDA meets the first Friday of each month at 8:30 a.m. at Baked Alaska Restaurant. For questions about the meeting, contact Downtown Coordinator Blaire Buergler at 503.791.7940 or

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