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Astoria Sunday Market Presents $10K Check to ADHDA

Tue, Sep 14, 2010

On behalf of the Astoria Sunday Market Board of Directors, President Mitch Mitchum presented a $10,000 check to the Astoria Downtown Historic District Association on Sunday, September 5 during Market festivities. The check represents a matching grant the Market offered ADHDA, with all proceeds going toward the cost to secure a RARE (Resource Assistance for Rural Environments) participant to work with ADHDA for 11 months.

ADHDA began raising $10,000 in matching funds in March of this year, and reached its goal at the end of June. A successful application was submitted by ADHDA to the RARE Program in May, and participant interviews were held in July. The selected participant, Blaire Buergler, arrived in Astoria in late August and began work with the Association September 7.

“We are so grateful to the Astoria Sunday Market for this opportunity,” said ADHDA President Tiffany Estes. “I can’t imagine reaching this goal without their commitment and encouragement,” she added. “Cyndi Mudge (director of the Market) even gave us tips on how to raise the funds we needed, and has been very supportive along the way,” Estes said, noting that the Association is pursuing plans to sustain permanent staffing in the future. “It’s the only way we can really serve downtown Astoria as it deserves to be served,” she said.

“The Market’s board of directors is encouraged by the progress of ADHDA and we are supportive of their efforts to leverage all of the great opportunities this district has to offer,” said Mitchum.
Both the Market and ADHDA work to revitalize downtown Astoria and foster a healthy, vibrant district where people enjoy living, working, shopping and visiting.

“We’re fortunate to count the Astoria Sunday Market as a partner,” Estes said. “Their organization is a great success story, and we hope to follow their lead.”

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