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Downtown Association Reaches Fundraising Goal; Interviews Scheduled Week of July 12

Wed, Jul 07, 2010

As of June 30, the Astoria Downtown Historic District Association (ADHDA) reached its goal to raise $10,000 in order to participate in the University of Oregon’s RARE Volunteer Program. The balance of the cost will be covered by a $10,000 matching grant from the Astoria Sunday Market. The mission of the Resource Assistance for Rural Environments (RARE) Program is to increase the capacity of rural communities to improve their economic, social, and environmental conditions through the assistance of trained graduate-level participants who serve in communities for 11 months.

“We’ve collected all but a few hundred dollars of what was originally pledged,” said Pat Saunders, treasurer of ADHDA. “Those outstanding pledges are important and will help cover office supplies, mileage, phone and other expenses the program cost doesn’t include,” she added.

Approximately 60 businesses and individuals, in addition to all ADHDA board members, made financial contributions to the fundraising effort.

“We’re being as frugal as possible,” said Tiffany Estes, ADHDA president, noting that the required office space, furniture, computer and wireless connectivity will be donated at no cost to ADHDA.

“Just as exciting,” Estes said, “is the fact that we will be interviewing seven candidates for the position, when we were told to expect only three to five applicants. No other participating community will see more candidates for their respective positions, so I was pleased to discover that our position in Astoria is among the top in terms of interest.”

Interviews are scheduled the week of July 12, and will be conducted by a volunteer panel comprised of ADHDA board members and representatives from the Astoria/Warrenton Chamber of Commerce, the Astoria Sunday Market and the City of Astoria. Placement decisions are expected to be made in late July, and the chosen candidate will begin work in Astoria on or around September 7.

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