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Holiday Lights and Decorations in Downtown

Thu, Nov 17, 2011

The Christmas Club (aka the Greater Astoria Historic Holidays, Inc.) has begun their work to light/decorate lampposts and hang garland across the street in Downtown Astoria in preparation for the upcoming holiday season. This is a project the all-volunteer organization has carried out each year for the past several years. Beyond installing the decorations and making repairs and upgrades as needed when decorations come out of storage, the group watches over them throughout the season, replacing light bulbs and resetting decorations displaced by winter wind.

For a variety of reasons, the Greater Astoria Historic Holidays organization will not be providing rooftop lighting service on privately owned buildings downtown as they have done in the past. For those building owners and business owners who need assistance with rooftop lights on their building, please contact the Astoria Downtown Historic District Association (ADHDA). ADHDA has secured special pricing for this service with Clatsop Electric and Wadsworth Electric, and can help coordinate scheduling of the service. Cost for labor and materials will be the responsibility of the business or property owner.

If you have any questions please contact Downtown Coordinator Blaire Buergler at 503.791.7940 or

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