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Astoria Mobs Vintage Hardware

Wed, May 23, 2012

On Saturday, May 12 Astorians mobbed Vintage Hardware (380 14th Street) in the first local Cash Mob. Approximately 20 community members showed up for the event. Vintage Hardware was chosen through a drawing at the Astoria Downtown Historic District Association’s (ADHDA’s) May general meeting. Rebecca Johnson and Paul Tudor, the owners of Vintage Hardware, were thrilled with the mobbing. “It was great and we loved it. I look forward to supporting the next store that gets the cash mob," stated Johnson.

This was the first of monthly cash mobs that ADHDA plans to organize. A cash mob is a group of people who assemble at a local business and buy items from that business. The purpose is to support the local businesses and the overall community.

Cash Mob destinations will continue to be chosen by drawing a business card from among the cards collected at the monthly ADHDA general meetings. Monthly meetings occur on the first Friday of the month at 8:30 a.m. at Baked Alaska. Come to the June 1st meeting with a business card for a chance to be mobbed next!

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