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Downtown Streetscape Improvements

Tue, Jun 05, 2012

Downtown Astoria has gotten a facelift this spring! You may have noticed the new “salmon can” trash cans and benches that have recently appeared throughout the historic downtown district. These streetscape improvements – along with bike racks, bike lockers, bus shelters, and planters – were funded by an ODOT grant secured by the City of Astoria. In addition to the new furniture, the existing bump-outs/curb extensions along Marine Drive have been rejuvenated – the trees have been trimmed and the planter beds have been weeded, given fresh soil, and replanted. The ADHDA Design Committee has volunteered to help maintain these bump-outs and is looking to implement a maintenance/adoption program.

Success of this program depends on the willingness of community members, organizations, businesses, etc. to adopt the bump-outs and to provide care for them. Bump-outs have been “spruced up” and therefore such care will consist mainly of watering as needed, monitoring for damage, and removing litter when appropriate.

If you are interested in helping maintain the beauty of our downtown or would like more information please contact Downtown Coordinator Blaire Buergler at 503.791.7940 or Any business, organization, or individual that wishes to help will be provided instruction, necessary materials, and support on appropriate care.

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