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Downtown Astoria: Marketing and Identity Workshop

Mon, Feb 11, 2013

                                                       Downtown Astoria: Marketing and Identity Workshop 

                                       February 20th, 2013 at the Columbia River Maritime Museum at 5:30 pm 

                                    You’re INVITED to help us build the story framework for downtown Astoria!

Why the word “story?”

Because 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, downtown Astoria is telling a story and its businesses are telling a story. Now it’s time for us to start understanding exactly what that story is today, and determine what we want it to be in the future.

During this fast-paced marketing and P.R. production presented by Michele Reeves of Civilis Consultants, we are going to get the scoop on the following:

  • The 4 elements found in all successful brands/identities.
  • The 4 rules for using story to connect with customers and visitors.

Then, Michele will conduct a speed workshop to begin populating the story framework for downtown Astoria. This civic identity exercise, which we will complete together, will help us quantify who we are, how we present ourselves, what we believe in, and, ultimately, what will make people decide to connect with downtown as a special place.

Remember: there is nothing more powerful than a good brand, and good brands emerge from good stories, and good stories are what create connection, pride and loyalty to brands. Your voice is critical because Michele will be using the results of this work to determine optimal ways to leverage our Civic Identity for success.

So please attend, we need your perspective on downtown, and Astoria as a whole!

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