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Smoked Bones BBQ - Know Your Business Neighbor

Thu, Mar 01, 2018

Hours:  11a to 8p
Closed Tuesdays       



INTERVIEWED: Mark Windheim + Phil Spencer, Chef/Owners

You’ve probably already eaten Phil Spencer’s food. Originally from NW Indiana he attended Ottawa Canada Culinary School, followed by a long stint as chef in Hawaii before stopping back in the Midwest to work in the Chicago restaurant scene. After making a stop in Seattle, Phil moved to Astoria seven years ago. Maybe you’ve seen him in his role as Chef at Baked Alaska which he held for five years, or maybe at Astoria Country Club where he has been since 2015

Knowing he wanted to stay in Astoria and take the next step in owning his own place, Phil considered opening a butcher shop. Of course, with Gulley’s Butcher Shop and the Smokehouse Butcher Block coming on in 2017, plans the idea was shelved.      

Smoked Bones BBQ Co-Owner Marc Windheim is a native Oregonian and attended culinary school in Portland and spend years working in the industry, eventually landing at Sysco Sales in NW before coming to Astoria. As fate would have it, Marc would land at Baked Alaska and spend three years working for Chef Chris Holen. His Astoria credentials also include the Cecil restaurant on Pier 11, Astoria Coffee House Bistro, and the Fort George Brewery.

Game changer for Phil and Marc:  Rollin Thunder BBQ, after ten year on Pier 11, recently closed. It was Rich Ewing from the adjacent Inferno Lounge that reached out to Marc and Phil about a turn key BBQ opportunity. The guys immediately dug it, and reach out to Steve and Karen Allen, owners of Pier 11. They welcomed Phil and Marc and their new venture: Smoked Bones BBQ.

Marc and Phil took ownership immediately with just a few upgrades to manage before opening their BBQ outfit offering indoor seating and take-away, right on the river walk in downtown Astoria.

WHO'S YOUR TYPICAL CUSTOMER? Meat eaters of all ages!

WHAT MAKES YOU STAND OUT??   Best BBQ place in Astoria, and offering delectable sauces from around the world.

DOWNTOWN DREAM:   Love it... great town!

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