Shopping: Home Decor

Want the refreshing feeling of Astoria in the comfort of your home? Home decor stores are plentiful downtown. Walk into The Rusty Dahlia and you’ll immediately be transported to a relaxing time in the home of a loved one who pampered you endlessly. Furniture, Fiestaware, fun signs, and candle-aromas fill the warm store. Chariot Home sweetly greets you with beautiful good after beautiful good that will guarantee your home feels calm and artful. If you’re in need of upgrading your kitchen wares, Fruffels has you covered with a store full of cooking and home goods--including fine glasses, knives, cutting boards, and more. 

If it's art you're looking for, eclectic art shops such as Luminari Arts and Cargo Astoria are a blast to browse, with the colorful decor and unique finds. Oregon Gypsy has in-shop made metal, ceramic, and wood pieces that are perfect for your getaway cabin or Oregon-inspired decor. Artful and elegant, Forsythea specializes in artisan decor for home and garden with featured work by local artists. They also carry a great selection of puzzles, puppets, travel and early play toys.