Historical signs were used then as they are used today - to advertise and encourage people to enter commercial establishments.  There have been many types, and, like archeological layers, reveal a particular time period of occupancy and use. 

Whether a wall sign, a blade sign, on a window or on a door, some signs are not allowed in every zoning district.

The Sign Code and Permits pamphlet will give you an overview of key information and requirements for signs in downtown Astoria.

Visit the City of Astoria website, or download the sign permit and sandwich board applications.


ASTORIA MAKERS - MEET YOUR BUSINESS NEIGHBOR - The Astoria Makers purchased a building downtown and are rapidly advancing on plans to open a community oriented Makerspace, including tool and space rental, and collaborative work environments.

FRUFFLES - MEET YOUR BUSINESS NEIGHBOR - Fruffles is a home decor and gift boutique specializing in kitchen goods and gadgets.

RUSTY DAHLIA - MEET YOUR BUSINESS NEIGHBOR - Rusty Dahlia is a rustic vintage home decor and more boutique on 10th Street near the Riverwalk in Downtown Astoria. They also offer crafting and gardening workshops.

MO'S CHOWDER - GET TO KNOW YOUR BUSINESS NEIGHBOR - Mo's Chowder comes to Astoria's historic waterfront; learn more about the company and Get to Know Your Business Neighbor